Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update on Francis M.

How is Francis Magalona?

Francis M.

I received an e-mail today, regarding Francis' condition. At first, I thought it was a hoax mail but when I read through it, it contains pictures and confidential information regarding his situation. But where did it come from? I don't know.

It seems like it's Francis letter to someone he really knows but it leaked out.

I am not going to post here the e-mail, for I think it's not proper, but as days go by, I knoe, this e-mail will be all over every other people's mailboxes.

The subject of the email is "Francis Magalona's Story". Attached to the mail were pictures during his bone marrow extraction, and during his chemotherapy showing his kids beside him. It was also narrated by Francis in the e-mail the procedures he went through from the diagnosis to his treatment. He named a lot of people in the letter, from relatives, to friends, to his doctors, and he thanked them a lot for he still lives.

His condition however was not disclosed. All he said it's cancer of the blood.

However, I think it's an Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Cos he mentioned in the letter the chemotherapeutic agents he's been taking and those agents were compatible for APL. If you want to knoe more about APL, just Google it cos it will take me days just to discuss it all in here. And I knoe, there is only one information you need to know, the prognosis.

A website is to be made to chronicle my journey wherever it may take me, and me and my family are making it, for whatever purpose it may serve. Hopefully for the good.

Let's all pray for Francis' cure.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

STD in the office

In our Infectious disease module, a doctor-professor once mentioned that the rate of STD infections including HIV among call center agents are continuously increasing and becoming alarming. Other infections include syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, crabs, warts and trichomoniasis.

team4rafflessmWhy so happy? Enjoying work? Right...

Scary right? So be warned call center agents! HIV is just around the corners of your workplace. And don't blame the toilet bowl like everybody used to, cos it's kinda overrated. That's why it's called STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease,,, unless you are actually having sex with the toilet bowl which is so unlikely, and deviantly deviant, if there's even such a word. Again, let me rephrase that, a disease that is transmitted SEXUALLY.

But I knoe, I understand, call center offices are too cold especially during graveyard shifts right? You can blame the A/C technician now... A temperature that is too cold to handle? I knoe you need someone to hug you or even more. But hey, stop the moronic idealization that we're all just humans who have bodily needs! Retard! Here's what you can do, to lessen the STD rate amid your population, cos it's kinda depressing, embarrassing and pathetic. Sexually starved? Pervs!

  • Be ethical and professional, don't screw with your co-workers especially in the office!
  • Abstain and practice a monogamous relationship. Don't have sex with all your colleagues like it's your main point why you even applied for the job.
  • If you cannot do the things stated above, then you should wear protections. Condoms are cheap, cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee, so it's not an excuse that you cannot have one. But condoms aren't 100 percent effective. Sperms are stuck in condoms but not fully for HIV virus. Oh and also the crabs, don't be so stupid to reason out that condoms can actually protect you from crabs! Cos it will not!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ely @ PHC

Eraserheads vocalist Ely Buendia was transferred to the Philippine Heart Center early Sunday from Makati Medical Center due to "emotional and physical stress" he suffered during their reunion concert Saturday night.

A GMA Flash Report said the Philippine Heart Center is yet to issue an official statement regarding Buendia's health condition.

Buendia's health condition halted mid-way the much awaited Eraserheads reunion concert held at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field.

In 2007, Buendia suffered a heart attack while his new band Pupil was performing in Laguna.

Around 60,000 fans flocked to the reunion concert to witness what was tagged as “a historical event.” Organizers said the fans understood the reasons for the unexpected finish but requested for a follow-up reunion concert.


0pov_ely2Oh gawd, I kept on asking people why's the concert-reunion such a big deal?! People make a big fuss out of it. I knoe Ely had previous heart surgery(ies?) but it never came to me that this could happen. This is supposed to be predictable right?

I am not actually interested about this concert. I've been an e-heads fan but this concert is sooo overrated. I mean everyone's talking about it. Issues, controversies, cancellations, etc. I don't mind going to this concert either but I'd rather stay home and study cos it's highly praised. Pop culture is interesting but as in like this given with too much importance?! In turns me off.

So now Ely's back to the OR, he should be in good hands e?

Now right... We can tag it now as a historical event. It's madness!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Francis M diagnosed with Leukemia

Rap musician-TV host-actor Francis Magalona has been diagnosed with leukemia and is undergoing more tests.

A son of the popular 1950s movie tandem Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, the 43-year-old father of eight children is appealing for sobriety as he prepares to fight the disease. “I don't want a media circus. I want privacy with my family,” Francis said in a phone interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer as he waited for his attending doctor. “What I'd rather talk about is how to we can solicit blood donations to replace the supply that I have consumed in the hospital.”

Francis' wife, Pia Arroyo-Magalona, said her husband started exhibiting symptoms in March this year. “It was very gradual, hindi siya biglaang lumabas [it didn't manifest right away]. We don't want to use the word 'curable,' but the doctors say it's treatable.”

Pressed for more details, Magalona said that he will issue a formal statement Thursday (Aug. 14) on the noontime variety TV show “Eat Bulaga” where he is a regular host.

Francis_Magalona1So, what type of leukemia? Hmmm... I am curious... Principle of confidentiality e? Whatever...

But we should respect that. I mean, that's the patient's right. If he wants his condition to be kept only within his family, then we cannot do anything about it.

I hope he gets well and puhleez, let him rest first! A lot of people are curious about him going back to the noon-time show. What the F?! He's sick people! Let him rest! Don't be such an ass.

Friday, May 30, 2008

meron tayong dalawang bagong contributors pero wala parin nag-uupdate. mukang magmamana lang din sila kay praline.. tsk tsk..

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two foetuses removed from 45-day-old baby

In a rare operation, Pakistani doctors Tuesday removed two foetuses, one of them fully grown, from the abdomen of a 45-day-old baby.

The infant, Nazia, was brought to Pakistan's Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad with a swollen abdomen four days ago by her parents who are poor labourers from Swat district of North West Frontier Province (NWFP).

"Such cases in medical history are very rare," Muqqadar Shah, one of the surgeons who performed the operation, told DPA.

The doctors carried out the surgery after X-ray and ultrasound tests showed abnormal growth in the abdomen. The surgeons were surprised to discover a fully-grown foetus weighing one kg.

"Her mother actually had triplets, but the other two grew in Nazia's abdomen," Shah said.

The condition of the child, who is on life support, is reported to be critical.


Saturday, January 26, 2008


i think we need more team members and contributors for this blog..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just Curious

I wonder if those guys in the picture above are young doctors wearing their stethoscopes or if they are two guys, in love, listening to their theme song from their mp3 players. Which is which? The picture was cut from the waist below but i think they're holding each other's hands. And if you observe closely, I think they're about to kiss..Oh my God! Shouldn't we replace it? What do you think guys? Hahaha! just kidding!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nothing Has Changed

To those who are wondering what my new year's resolution is for this's still the same as last year!!!hahaha Get well soon dak and hanna and everyone who are sick today..Actually i was also sick last christmas. I had fever and cough and i since i am a curious guy, i tried to subject myself to an experiment. I invited some friends over and we drank several bottles of beer..and to my amazement!! I felt better the next morning..was it the alcohol or just a mere coincidence?? Good question..Let's see.. according to my readings, alcohol, at a certain amount is toxic to microorganisms like bacteria and viruses which as we all know cause us to become sick. The human body is able to tolerate alcohol concentrations (depending on several factors like age, gender, genetics, environment, etc.) which are already toxic to these microorganisms. The alcohol now interferes with the microorganism's normal processes and prevents its multiplication and inhibits it thereby stopping the progression of the disease. Other studies even have concluded that alcohol also causes massive DNA alteration and oxidative damage that eventually kills the! that might have explained it!.. UNBELIEVABLE? of course! i just made that up..hehehehe LOL!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

new chances.. new beginnings..

we, filipinos are just too superstitious aren't we? every year we hear everyone saying that they'll change for the better. they say they'll change this and that.. the bad habits.. laziness etc etc..
but when we come to think of it, how many of us really hold on to those promises? my kuya said he'll stop smoking.. but it's been four years.. four new years.. four chances but he'll keep on saying that next month he'll stop nad the next month after that.. and it's new year again.. my mom even told him that she'll write him a check if only he'll stop.. i think he stopped for some time.. he got the check.. and after a few months he'll smoke again.. do we really change? hehe who knows?? we should just try and try until we finally get things right.. im still hopeful..
i'm not really into new year's resolutions myself.. because i think i might not really fulfill them.. so i just hope.. i strive.. i dont like to make promises.. unless im sure i can achieve them.. i play safe?? less pressure..
anyway.. ill try to be more patient.. less sulking.. whining.. complaining.. :D i just wanna be happy.. anything goes.. when i have problems.. when i worry and when i feel sad, i just think of this idea: if there is a problem and i can do something about it, i do something bout it and do my best to make things better.. but if i cant do anything bout it.. if it's beyond my control then why should i still worry, right?? it would only be a waste of time. just let it be.. let it die on its own.. :p eventually it'll get tired.. life changes.. things change. ill just let time fix it for me.
ok so i realized i wanted to try attending victory church.. it's a born again church.. i remember my cointerns during our medtech internship.. we were four in a group and one of us was a converted born again christian.. during our 24 hour duty we''ll listen to this born again station. i can say that it was really peaceful.. my mom used to attend their worship in greenhills san juan.. and she'll see kc concepcion, gary v and sharon cuneta(local celebs) there.. she didnt go there to see the stars FYI.. hehe.. she used to ask me to come with her but i never did.. now i want to try to go there.. anyway i dont want to be converted.. im happy being a catholic its just that i want to nourish my spirituality more.. i dunno.. something inside just tells me that i should go.. and i think ill go. maybe one of these days.. this new year.. :D

happy new year everyone!